Our hotel zur Sonne in Bad Homburg vor der Höhe is the ideal starting point for a variety of excursions. There are also plenty of sports and other leisure activities.

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  • Spielbank Bad Homburg

    Spielbank Bad Homburg

     foot 35 min|  bike 30 min  |   auto 5 min

    The Bad Homburg casino, first opened in 1841 and reopened in 1949, in the Bad Homburg Kurpark is also known as the "mother of Monte Carlo". There is also dancing in the casino - in the CasinoLounge.

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  • Royal Homburger Golf Club

    Royal Homburger Golf Club

    The Royal Homburger Golf Club is considered friendly, sporty and close to the city. Its tradition, the challenging courses and the idyllic location all contribute to its reputation. Certainly the Old Course, which is said to be the cradle of golf par excellence. Everyone is welcome - beginners, professionals, young people, and families.

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  • Hessenpark


     foot 2h |  bike 45 min  |   auto 15 min

    In the Hessenpark you can experience the past and present of Hessian tradition. The 14th Dalai Lama even visited the open-air museum in Neu-Anspach. 400 years of regional history is vividly conveyed with the help of over 100 buildings.

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  • Kurpark Bad Homburg

    Kurpark Bad Homburg

     foot 30 min|  bike 15 min  |   auto 10 min

    The historic Kurpark Bad Homburg, covering an area of almost 40 hectares, contains most of Bad Homburg's sights. The park is a social meeting point and the location of many renowned events, and it also invites you to take long walks and go jogging. Also a 6-hole golf course, the Old Course of the Royal Homburger Golf Club, which is considered the oldest golf course in Germany, and a tennis facility of the renowned Tennis Clubs Bad Homburg are located here. Gastronomy offers round off the offer of the Kurpark.

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  • Gotische Haus

    Gotische Haus

     foot 10 min |  bike 5 min  |   auto 2 min

    In the best neighborhood to our Hotel Sonne in Bad Homburg vor der Höhe is another of the many sights of Bad Homburg: the Gothic House. As a former hunting lodge, it is now home to the Bad Homburg city archives and the cultural history museum.

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  • Taunus Therme

    Taunus Therme

     foot 45 min|  bike 15 min  |   auto 10 min

    The Taunus Therme is a well-known "source of relaxation". This is ensured by the thermal baths with over 1,400 square meters of water, the hammam paradise, the wellness worlds and the sauna world. The Beauty & Spa also contributes to complete relaxation.

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  • Römerkastel Saalburg

    Römerkastel Saalburg

     foot 1h |  bike 30 min  |   auto 5 min

    The Römerkastel Saalburg in the Saalburg Archaeological Park has been part of the Limes UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005. Informative and entertaining events for children and adults will take you back to Roman times. A short trip 2000 years back into the past is so easy.

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  • Kur-Royal im Kaiser-Wilhelm Bad

    Kur-Royal im Kaiser-Wilhelm Bad

     foot 35 min|  bike 15 min  |   auto 10 min

    The Kur-Royal in the Kaiser-Wilhelms-Bad in the Bad Homburg Kurpark lets you forget everyday life as soon as you enter, the impressive, magnificent architecture, spacious rooms and luxurious atmosphere are already wellness for the senses. The traditional treatments and newly developed methods also promise relaxation and regeneration.

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  • Schloss Bad Homburg

    Schloss Bad Homburg

     foot 25 min|  bike 10 min  |   auto 10 min

    Homburg Castle in the middle of the magnificent castle garden was once the residence of the Landgraves of Hesse-Homburg, after 1866 the summer residence of the Prussian kings and German emperors and, with its white tower, is considered the symbol of Bad Homburg. In addition to architecture and art from several decades, visitors can expect a perhaps unique view of Bad Homburg and the surrounding area as well as the Taunus landscape.

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  • Flugplatz Neu-Anspach

    Flugplatz Neu-Anspach

    At the Anspach airfield near Neu-Anspach in the Taunus, among other things, the Taunus Flugfest takes place. Big and small visitors marvel at aerobatic demonstrations and the region during a sightseeing flight. But the Anspach airfield is also a popular destination independently of the festival.

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  • Hirschgarten


     foot 30 min|  bike 15 min  |   auto 5 min

    The Hirschgarten, which was laid out as early as the 17th century, is not only a popular recreational destination for the people of Bad Homburg. The wildlife park, which is home to various types of red deer and goats, and the miniature golf course, which is considered one of the most difficult in Germany, delight visitors of all ages, from near and far.

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